Statement of Purpose

Our purpose is to raise funds to support and expand the animal care services of the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center. We seek health, comfort, freedom from fear, and a loving guardian for our companion animals.

Statement of Principles

The Friends of the Animal Center Foundation's (FACF) purpose and principles govern every area of activity at the Foundation. Therefore, it is important that volunteers and board members are familiar with FACF's purpose and principles and that they agree to abide by these whenever working on behalf of FACF.

  • Projects and activities of FACF will serve to support and expand the services of the Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center exclusively.
  • FACF values all gifts equally.
  • FACF will seek active, collaborative partnerships with other organizations in order to pursue shared goals and avoid duplication of services.
  • FACF will maintain the highest fiscal and ethical standards in all its business.
  • All activities of FACF will be nonpartisan and without any political or religious affiliation.
  • FACF will not discriminate in organization or any of its activities on the basis of race, national origin, color, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or identity, or economic status.
  • The Friends of the Animal Center Foundation (FACF) is a registered 501(c)3 public non-profit organization formed in 1999.

 FACF has been organized exclusively for charitable, literary, educational or scientific purposes to qualify for tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue Laws and Regulations of the United States. Tax Identification Number: 42-1484935.